Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena chooses CAPSULE by Manni Green Tech: a futuristic “on-demand” space that amplifies the experiential nature of the visit

A self-standing module that combines technology, safety and zero-land-consumption design: Capsule is a unique solution chosen by the Ferrari Museums for their exclusive Modena site.

Conceived by the collaboration between the worlds of architecture, industry and interior design, Capsule is applied, for the very first time, in the context of the extraordinary Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena, creating a unique space that seamlessly acts as a bridge between the founder’s historic house and the modern museum of the Prancing Horse.

The exclusive downloadable volume tells the story of the entire project, from its conception to its construction, with the contributions of the creators who made this unique installation possible.

“As a module that is conceived with the sole purpose of providing a totally immersive experience for the user, Capsule has played an active role in amplifying the way visitors take in the museum”.
Michele Pignatti Morano– Director of the Enzo Ferrari Museums

A project created by:

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  • CAPSULE is one of the finalists of the ADI Design Index 2021, the pre-selection of the Compasso d’Oro design award
  • CAPSULE is one of the winners of the Archiproducts Design Awards 2020

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Capsule’s sophisticated and modern design matches the look of the current complex as it is located between the house where Enzo Ferrari was born and the modern museum.

The purely functional character of off-site systems made it possible to study the proportions and the relationships with the external space taking into account the use to which the spaces are intended, guaranteeing the minimal impact of the worksite.


Capsule marries flexibility of intended use with high-calibre design. It is a testament to the union of Manni Group’s technologies: thanks to Manni Green Tech’s engineering, Capsule counts on the aesthetics of the Isopan envelope, on the quality of the Manni Sipre steel structure, and on the application of cutting-edge solutions in IoT by Manni Energy with the Maetrics portfolio.

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MGT Capsule Ferrari


Attention to human beings and their ways of experiencing spaces has always been the focus for the design of Il Prisma, chosen by Manni Group as a partner to develop the concept design and the architectural project.

By leveraging the modular, flexible and repeatable features of CAPSULE, Manni Group identified Lago as the ideal interior design partner that would suit the module in a natural way, as well as enhance its functionality.

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