The new era of construction is now.

Webinar on June 23 | 03:00 pm | Speeches in English


A new era has begun for the construction environment.

The current global level of greenhouse gas emissions has prompted major organizations to make a commitment to reduce them within defined deadlines and with an investment of resources that is unprecedented in the history of the developed world as we know it.

While energy efficiency alone has become a standard, a new paradigm has quickly captured the scene: carbon neutral buildings.

Carbon neutrality in the construction industry is no longer only a vision. The following speakers will show that the path to carbon neutral future has already been taken:

  • Towards carbon neutrality in buildings. A case study: logistics warehouse at Moissy-Cramayel
    Vitali Caplain | ARP-Astrance | Development & Environmental Strategy Director
  • ROCKWOOL – Resilient by nature
    Jean-Yves l’Hostis | ROCKWOOL Core Solutions | Business Development Manager in charge of Sustainability
  • From awareness to action: ​Manni Group’s path to decarbonisation​
    Jan von Ryssel | ISOPAN Deutschland (part of Manni Group) | Technical & Sales Specialist, Helen Scandellari | Manni Group | Business Sustainability Officer
  • Welcome & moderation
    Carlo Battisti | Living Future Europe | President


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  • Manni Group / ISOPAN Deutschland
  • In collaboration with Living Future Europe



This event is accredited for 1 General LFA CE (Living Future Accredited professional).
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Transparency is the keyword in this scenario. Such an interconnected world requires correct, fast, transparent and unambiguous information about everything that can affect the environment and the health of living beings.

In the building sector, complex information (chemistry, environment, health) must be communicated simply and correctly to operators and users. The aim is above all to create broad awareness and encourage all actors to protect the health of ecosystems.

Vitali Caplain | ARP-Astrance | Development & Environmental Strategy Director

He is Development & Environmental Strategy Director at Arp-Astrance, in the Sustainable Innovation Management division, and works particularly on topics related to low carbon, materials and resilience of buildings to climate change, at the scale of buildings, but also at the scale of neighbourhoods and companies. On a day-to-day basis, he assists project owners in their construction and renovation projects on all environmental aspects, and companies on the elaboration of their decarbonisation strategy.

Jean-Yves l’Hostis | ROCKWOOL Core Solutions | Business Development Manager in charge of Sustainability

Jean-Yves is an expert in the field of construction. He also has a background in sales, marketing and development. Combined with his practical experience of 21 years at ArcelorMittal and for 9 years at ROCKWOOL, he has thus developed a strong know-how to achieve sustainability goals.

Jan von Ryssel | ISOPAN Deutschland | Technical & Sales Specialist

Jan has been a qualified consultant since 2016, specialising in the field of saving energy resources. Since the beginning of 2021, he has been a technical advisor at Isopan Deutschland, part of Manni Group. Jan is responsible for the adaptation and integration of the group's international products to the German market and advises architects and planners.

Helen Scandellari | Manni Group | Business Sustainability Officer

Helen is the assistant to the CEO of Manni Group, organizing M&A activities and special projects. Furthermore, she is International Business Division Supervisor, Business Sustainability Officer and Risk Manager, managing legal affairs, international commercial contracts and developments in terms of sustainability and compliance.

Carlo Battisti | Living Future Europe | President

Degree in Civil Engineering from the Politecnico of Milan, twenty years of experience in construction companies and fourteen as sustainable innovation manager & consultant. President at Living Future Europe, whose mission is to accelerate the transition to regenerative construction in Europe, including through programmes of the International Living Future Institute, such as the world's first Zero Carbon certification.

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