The new ADDMIRA range: Infinite solutions for the facades of your projects

A range of products and solutions dedicated to the world of architecture to make the design of new and existing buildings unique.

Efficiency and performances guaranteed by the expertise of Isopan combined in ADDMIRA offering:

  • Versatility

  • Design

  • Tailoring

The ADDMIRA product family has three categories.



With ADDVision the identity of your project goes through colors, finishes, metal coatings and customized screen printing, combining the excellent insulation of mineral wool or polyurethane.


The value of the natural coatings: stoneware, stone, cork, the possibilities are endless. ADDCross. The perfect solution for the retrofitting world combining energy efficiency and aesthetics.


The ADDWind system represents the Isopan solution for the world of ventilated facades. The best performances from the ventilation of the facade allow an increase in the insulating properties of the wall package.

A set of solutions designed for unique facades.


ADD more value

ADDMIRA systems allow the creation of facades with multiple technical and aesthetic characteristics.

Their offsite nature ensures maximum efficiency from design to installation . The quality of each single Isopan element is guaranteed by industrialized production processes.

ADD more performance

The search for the best performances represents a fundamental aspect in the realization of the envelope of a building.

ADDMIRA, thanks to the experience of Isopan, is the perfect answer to the current requirements of thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, and resistance to other atmospheric agents.


Thanks to ADDMIRA range, each building can combine technology, innovation, creativity.

A result of the know-how of our teams of experts in the development of offsite solutions that can adapt to all your projects.



ADDMIRA possesses unparalleled features which will be perfect for your next project.



A product range that has applications in every kind of project. The materials used for the coating surface can have various types of finishes. High energy performances lead to a decrease in management costs of the building. 



A wide range of colors, finishes and coatings, combined with great productive and dimensional flexibility, make ADDMIRA the answer to the creation of iconic buildings or redevelop the existing urban park.



Each project is different and ADDMIRA offers  customized solutions according to your needs: thanks to the different installation solutions and the multiple dimensions available ADDMIRA can be adapted in a unique way.

The LEAF experience

Thanks to the excellent insulating performances, the Isopan LEAF technology is particularly suitable for systems for walls and facades.

It also has additional advantages like:

  • More comfort, less costs: Up to 20% less thermal dispersion
  • Tangible sustainability: No halogenated flame retardants
  • Security against fire: class B-S1D0 in the reaction to fire




Isopan places environmental sustainability at the center of its production policies: from procurement policies (Green Procurement), to EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification relating to polyurethane foam and rock wool panels, obtained thanks to the activity of the evaluating body PE International, through the EPAQ association.


Isopan companies are ISO 9001 certified and the technical conformity of the products is guaranteed according to the standards required by the reference markets.



Certified safety performances that ensure effective protection of the entire envelope for both building owners and those who use it in the event of fire propagation and external risk agents such as hail, wind and debris.

ADDMIRA includes the new FM Approved certified Isopan range

Which is the perfect ADDMIRA product for your project?

ADDVision, ADDCross, or ADDWind?

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