Multipurpose Hospital Module 

A modular structure capable of providing 20 beds to tackle the Covid-19 emergency by combining rapid intervention and health needs.


A team of companies and professionals is at the basis of the project for the creation of multipurpose hospital modules. The know-how put into the field ranges from structural design to sanitary installations and combines the advantages of ease of transport and installation with the safety and durability of the materials.


A pre-assembled steel structure completed by coating systems for the construction of real additional intensive care units.


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The polyfunctional unit is 90% pre-assembled, complete with systems, easily transportable and does not require any foundation. The optimization of space allows to accommodate up to 20 patients.


Created to respond to the COVID-19 emergency, the multipurpose hospital module, however, has structures created to last over time. The steel skeleton can be disassembled and moved in other emergency areas


Production and assembly fast time

The simultaneous production of the dry construction elements, their partial assembly in the factory and the absence of foundations significantly reduce the actual installation time. 

Safety for the patients and for the healthcare professionals

Unlike the reconverted containers, the multipurpose hospital module is conceived right from the design with ad hoc compartments, typical of the intensive care units to guarantee the safety of the patients and the health personnel who work there.


Steel, a 100% recyclable material, is present both in the structure of the unit and in the infill panels, allowing a minimal impact on the environment.


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