IL PRISMA and LAGO design combined with MANNI GREEN TECH technology

CAPSULE is a modular structure designed to complement an existing building by increasing the square metres available to people and generating new possibilities of use

In man-inhabited locations, efficiency and speed, combined with beauty and integrability, create a module able to respond to the new needs arising from the Covid emergency. As a result of its high level of liveability and flexible design, this module can indeed be transformed and relocated.

A pre-assembled light steel bearing structure, completed with diverse cladding solutions and systems, can accommodate a wide variety of activities from the office, residential, retail, park and hospitality world. The need to increase the space available to people in existing buildings generates new safe, comfortable settings related to the outside in multiple ways.


A project implemented by:

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  • CAPSULE has been included in the ADI Design Index 2021, the pre-selection for the Compasso d'Oro Award.
  • CAPSULE is among the winners of Archiproducts Design Awards 2020

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The spaces are designed in order to guarantee a high level of comfort to those who will be inhabiting and using the module, thanks to a schedule of furnishings, finishes, tailored cladding solutions and systems that make it almost completely self-sustainable.


As a result of its high level of liveability and flexible design, this module can indeed be transformed and relocated. The study of proportions and relations with the support base results in the creation of a dynamic, solid and pleasant system. The same components can be reused in new ways and relocated.


LAGO for Capsule

Lago systems could be adapted to the module in a natural way, as a result of the concept underlying Capsule, namely it being so modular, flexible and repeatable..

The design operation was mainly focused on a schedule of display and containment items based on the Air (Air Shelf and Air Storage) system that can be freely tailored to customer needs. By studying some repeatable basic compositions as well as using 36e8 shelves or containers, and selecting certain heights for glass sets, all the required functions - from displays in open compartments to closed containment, from housing screens or monitors to using containers as auxiliary desks if needed - could be fulfilled, thus generating room partitions and elements resting on walls, even with windows, depending on the type of location. All solutions can be modified and repositioned and do not impact the building enclosure in any way, since Air is a self-supporting system. The design operation is completed by a series of components such as the reception desk, the meeting area furniture, the Obeliscus poufs made to measure to be placed in Air module compartments, and two types of tables built into the walls of the Capsule module, thus making it possible to perceive the integration of mobile items as a single design action.


Check-in Entrance
Meeting room
Break area


Entrance Classes
Meeting room


Remote working
Home schooling
Meeting room


Check-in Entrance
Park closing
Bike sharing Warehouse


Goods check-in
Meeting room


Check-in Entrance
Waiting room
Delivery area
Cash area


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