A company rooted in the territory, a Group with an international vision.

MANNI GROUP offers products, solutions and skills for the world of dry construction, promoting new scenarios to overcome energy waste and pollutant emissions in the existing building stock, through new buildings or retrofit interventions, helping Real Estate and Design Studios to achieve a higher value of the projects thanks to the environmental ethical principles and building know-how.

To offer a bundle of solutions to the clusters of Architects and Engineering Studios, all around the Group:

  • Engineering solutions: in order to mitigate the project complexity
  • Sustainability «counselling»: helping the designers to consider the key factors from the beginning and to interface with the other actors of the Project chain
  • Products Portfolio: Design and performances (environmental, fire protection, seismic…)
  • Partnerships Portfolio: an integrated network of Knowledge and products offer portfolio


Manni Group’s forward-looking strategy, based on skills and values acquired during its 75-year old business history, focuses on three closely interwoven drivers:

  • Internationalisation
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability

Internationalisation allows the Group to diversify its activities at a geographical level, spreading risk and investment across European and non-European markets. Moreover, the challenge posed by different cultural contexts enables the organisation and its employees to grow and develop skills within an international environment. Innovation allows Manni Group to respond to the new market needs and improve production processes, making them increasingly efficient and effective while involving a low environmental impact, thus offering high-added-value products.

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